It’s one year on since our return…….

August 2017

It’s been a few weeks since we have posted or updated, in fact it’s been a few months. Like everything around us circumstances and priorities can change and we adapt to and play what is in front of us. That’s not too say that anything significant has changed however the past months have been spent doing what we love to do as a family, it’s just that we’ve done it out of the limelight that we created through this forum.

One of our initial goals at the outset was to inspire families or individuals into getting outdoors and enjoying the wide open spaces living in New Zealand grants us. Although we are an adventurous  family, we love our outdoors activities and our (my) apathy towards social media is reasonably well known however over time since our return from our big adventure in 2016 the realization has come about that by recording our day to day adventures is in a way no different to posting how wonderful life is on the myriad of social networking sites available.

So in response to that we have still been out there hiking, biking, skiing, snowboarding and doing all the things we have always done but doing it under the radar.

One year on what has changed – everything and nothing! Our outlook on life has been adjusted and our time is spent doing things or being with people that we enjoy being with. We limit the superficialness of what we do. If it has no value to us and our core beliefs then we don’t waste our time. We find this has relaxed us and allows us the time to enjoy the journey – not rushing to get to the destination.

For us going forward we still want to inspire but do it through photographs or words of places that are special (or could be special) rather than the focus being on us and what we do.

We have some ideas for missions over the summer whilst over winter our playground is still the Remarks and all it has to offer (10cm fresh snow overnight and East Face was epic!- wha hoo!)

We will still be posting and updating but the focus will be a more broad approach.

We hope your out there doing it and getting enjoyment from it. Remember we only live once so make the most of it.

Triplicit out!


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