Traveling into the unknown

Thursday 16th March 2017

Occasionally when we travel or head out on an adventure do we look to repeat what we have already experienced ? ( This excludes any bike trails as favorites deserve to be ridden more than once ).  There are times when the sense of tradition, comfort and community have lead us to spend time in a single place over and over again and to be fair it has never been boring.  Our annual Easter biking trips to Naseby, Central Otago are a perfect example where annually we would congregate with families that for most part of the year we would not see given our geographical differences in location.

Like much of life, things evolve and change takes place. Where once something seemed important or necessary, we can find ourselves moving in other directions and embracing different experiences that may not have been considered in earlier times.

Our travel and beliefs as a couple have evolved and what we want to experience also changes as we continue to learn and understand what this world and indeed our own country has to offer.  We never want to stop learning about it or being able to experience it.  These days our children join us and although we consult with them on our plans for the most part they tag along ( sometimes reluctantly ) to discover what our destinations have to offer.

Travel is not just about visiting or going to places , countries or cultures.  There is the internal travel within yourself that takes place over the course of a journey and can be related to relationships, personal growth or health.  These journeys can be short, medium or long in their duration and even then you may not necessarily end up where you originally planned.  The thrill of the unknown is offset by the anxiety of that same unknown.

The unknown is exactly that and can create all manner of emotions.  Sometimes you may have to walk into it alone but it’s often better to share it.  On our travels and in our personal lives we have often entered the unknown, we have learnt from these experiences and we have been enriched by them as well.  They have allowed us to grow and better understand ourselves.

We have complete control over our lives and what we do but in many respects we have no control and as each day passes we never know if we will have the opportunity to re-live something again tomorrow therefore we need to make each day and opportunity count.  Don’t say we’ll do it next time or  I can’t really be bothered.  If you have the opportunity then take it while you can.

As they say a comfort zone is a great place but nothing ever grows there.  Life can throw you a curve ball at any moment so until that moment happens get out there and live to the fullest.  The clocks ticking …..

In memory of Dayna Kalinowski  22.04.1983 – 12.03.2017    R.I.P

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