Singletrack…the Mountain Bikers holy grail

One of my passions and my main activity for keeping fit is mountainbiking. Over the years I’ve ridden many types of trails but nothing can beat a piece of fast flowing singletrack for contentment and satisfaction (in my opinion) In case your wondering I ride a Trek Fuel with my eye on a Lapierre Zesty.

Singletrack is a narrow mountain biking trail that is approximately the width of the bike. It contrasts with double track or fire road which is generally wide enough for four-wheeled off-road vehicles. In addition it is frequently smooth and flowing but it may also exhibit technical sections and aspects. Trails are winding and flowing and can have parts that are bumpy and challenging. Many trails offer features such as roots, logs and rocks. Riding singletrack can be quite challenging from a technical standpoint. For many Mountain bikers singletrack riding is what powder is to snowboarders and skiers…… the pinnacle although these days it’s likely easier to find consistent singletrack year round than it is powder.

Not much else is better than this!

The past decade has seen an extensive network of singletrack trails developed around the country from the mecca of NZ mountain biking in Rotorua to it’s not far behind cousin here in Queenstown. Singletrack is generally hand-built by trail pixies who more often than not are the members, volunteers and GC’s of the local biking community who give their time to further develop the sport and provide access to some of the countries most stunning riding.

Moonlight track behind Queenstown…at the end of the singletrack and start of the 4wd trail


Although this is more about one of my loves, I have also been involving the kids and Noelle and getting them onto some of the easier trails around.

Some of my favourite singletrack riding in Queenstown is……..

7 Mile – approx 15km out of Queenstown on the Glenorchy road the trail-head commences at Wilsons Bay down at the lake. Not just one piece of single track but multiple trails in one awesome area. Kachoong, Gravitron, Grin & Holler & Bliss are some of the flowing trails.

Golddigger – Close to 7 mile this two way trail commences from the bottom of the Glenorchy Road / Moke Lake turnoff. A nice climbing gradient through forest and mine tailings with a fast and at times technical run down.

Coro-town (or slip saddle as it is also called) – from the boundary of Coronet Peak skifield this trail is steep and deep and hard on the brake pads, it’s all downhill. Technical in places it will test your skills. The ride out from the saddle you exit on is fast flowing through tussock, beech forest and joins the Bush Creek walking trail. Not recommended for beginners. For added value ride up to the top of Coronet Peak and take the cross country trail down to where it meets the Coro-town trail head.

Coro-town descent…not for the faint-hearted

Rude Rock – also accessed from the  Coronet Peak base building, a short climb above the Greengates chair. This is 3km of singletrack heaven and my current 2nd favorite trail in the area this summer. If it’s windy be careful on the jumps and rises.

Beeched As (my personal favourite) – Accessed from the top of the Skyline access road, this trail is around 5km of undulating riding through various terrains, a few minor creek crossings and technical rooty downhills. Meeting up with the Fernhill Loop trail you can ride around and then have the choice of 3 trials to head back down into town Pitch black (steep and not for the faint hearted) Salmon Run which is black diamond in dry and double black diamond in the wet. The lower half of this trail is technical whilst the top half is just plain scary (steep) or Fernhill Loop trail which is still steep-ish with numerous technical switchbacks and fast flowing cornering bringing you out into Wynyard terrain park.

Welcome Rock trail in the Nevis at Garston

For more info check out and support the trails of awesomeness provided by these guys.  

Please remember to ride responsibly and within your skill level……when you fall off it can hurt, things can get broken and bikes can get scratched.



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