Happy Holidays from Triplicit & 5 “FREE” family things to do around Queenstown ………




As we close in on Christmas and the end of the year many families will soon be on their summer holidays (if your in the southern hemisphere) so what better time than to get out there, explore your surroundings and enjoy what your backyard has to offer.

For us we have had an extraordinary year in being able to travel to not only revisit and reconnect with parts of Asia, friends and ex-colleagues but to explore new countries with our children. We have pushed our comfort zones, stepped out of them at times but for all of us we personally grew and rekindled our love for travel off the beaten path.

We have climbed, driven, mokoro’ed, trained, flown,cruised, bused,walked and it was a blast…even on the days when the going seemed tough. BB & KK our kids have personally grown and are more confident and accepting of trying new things, being open to change and above all now understand that what they have at home is the exception rather than the rule. Playing football on dirt in Africa against kids with no shoes with what could loosely be termed a ball was a highlight that reminds us as a family that you don’t need a lot to be happy.



As we look toward 2017 it will be undoubtedly different to this past year with no international travel on the horizon but that doesn’t mean we aren’t planning for 2018. We will still be getting out and exploring our region over summer and being thankful we live in an awesome playground.

We are going to take a break now over the next few weeks but will be back with regular posts in the new year. In the meantime here’s five fun things to do as a family over the holiday period if your in Queenstown.

  1. Queenstown Hill walk – the starting point from Belfast Terrace. Approx an hour up and slightly less down. A great view from the top.
  2. Biking the Queenstown Trail – pick your starting point and go as far as you want. The Arrowtown to Gibbston Valley section has a few little climbs, bridges and gets you out into country with some great scenery.
  3. Walk to Lake Alta – from the Remarkables ski-field base building walk up to Lake Alta, take a picnic lunch and enjoy the solitude from the masses.
  4. Mt Crichton Loop track (a.k.a Sam Summers Track) – a robust walk this well formed track features rivers, a waterfall, a historic hut/tunnel, native bush and views – plenty to keep kids interested. Allow 3-4 hours to complete.
  5. For the really adventurous – The Ben Lomond Track is a demanding climb to the 1750m summit  but on clear days walkers are rewarded with spectacular panoramic views. Allow 6-8 hours if you take the gondola up or add another hour if you walk from the bottom. For the less inclined of a full day hike peel off half way up the skyline emergency access road and walk Fernhill Loop which takes around 3-4 hours but still provides spectacular back country scenery and views over Queenstown. These tracks are dual use for walkers and bikers. Also take some warm gear and food as the weather can change quickly at altitude.

From us Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and thank you for indulging us by reading our ramblings and we hope it has provided a little inspiration.

Get out there and enjoy what is on offer.

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