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Monday 1st August 2016

24 hours after leaving Kuala Lumpur, a booked flight that no longer exists, an unintended 13hour layover in Melbourne, a few calls to a certain travel agent in Queenstown, new tickets, breaking the Australian transit rules, the need for a phone call to NZ immigration, a lost bag and being well and truely done over by customs in Queenstown we arrived home somewhat later than intended on Saturday night – Awesome!!

In fact by the time we got home we had had 6 flights, in 6 days through 6 countries……….The kids slept from 11.30pm Saturday to 2pm on Sunday…….we got up at a more reasonable hour of 11am. In fact upon arriving home we camped in the lounge as it was too late to find linen to make up any beds. The only difference between camping in our lounge and in Namibia was the huge difference in temperature (and less sand)

The last 24 hours has been spent washing, unpacking, clearing sand out from from everywhere (and then still finding more) and starting the mammoth task of unpacking the sleepout where we have stored our belongings over the past 3 months. This will take us some time and more than a few weekends to complete (especially with the ski fields now open and a recent fresh dump of snow)…..did I mention we went up today for a few runs. It does seem a bit surreal that 10 days ago we were sandboarding in the desert of Namibia (Swakopmund) and today we were snowboarding.

There are adjustments that need to be made , not having to roll my clothes to fit into a dry bag is one……I rolled them into my drawers yesterday. Work next week will be another adjustment and I’m sure my head will be right by then…..currently I feel I’m suffering from a bit of post-trip blues. The kids are back to school on Wednesday and it will be interesting to see how they get on for the remainder of the year. We’re hoping they have learnt one or two things and haven’t fallen too far behind. Privately we think that some different homework other than having to write their journal will be fun for them.

We have tried to keep a low profile the first few days but inevitably we run into people in the supermarket or on the ski field who have asked us how the holiday was.  For the record………for us a holiday to going to a destination and staying there for a period of time.  We have been TRAVELLING…….not holidaying!

We now also have the mammoth task of compiling trip notes and photos and still putting together some updates for the blog. Although we are home we are not looking to wind this down, in fact we hope it inspires others to do something similar. We already have been talking about another trip back to Africa but it wont be this year.

We thank you for taking an interest and following our adventures. We have learnt alot not only about other countries and cultures but also about ourselves and what we could do better next time in terms of planning, gear and making it work. Originally we were going to do Africa first then Asia and lastly climb Mt Kinabalu but we’re glad we did it exactly as we have done otherwise it would have been too big an ask for the kids and ourselves….we doubt we would have made it.

So there you have it……. keep checking back for new updates but they will not be as regular as before. I’m aiming to complete 1 a week. Noelle is going to start getting some photos up in the near future as well.

See you on the ski field or if your not in Queenstown you can still contact us through our email address triplicit@gmail.com

p.s if your ever passing through the Tropic of Capricorn in Namibia on the western side of the country look out for the orange Triplicit sticker.




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