Heading home

Tuesday 26th July

We arrived back in KL around 10am this morning after a 24 hr trip & 4 flights that took us through 4 countries and started at 3am on Monday morning in Windhoek Namibia which has left everyone shattered.

Windhoek to Johannesburg to Mauritius to Singapore to KL. A hectic and somewhat archaic transfer in Mauritius where we had an hour to change flights contributed to a little stress and a few laughs with a bunch of Scottish students who were also transiting.

We are in KL until Friday then we start the journey home. As we have no new places to visit (or time to do so) then we are ready to come home.

The last month has been one of absolute awesomeness with highlight after highlight.

After what has seemed at times longer than 3 months it is fast coming to an end. As mentioned late last week……….we have more updates to come but not until we make it home. Apparently snow is forecast to low levels on Saturday which is our arrival so we will wait and see where we may end up.

After a month of no clouds and no rain in Africa we have had a thunderstorm this afternoon.

more soon

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