Important Triplicit Update……

Wednesday 20th July

Noelle would like to inform that she will not be posting any more photos until we return to NZ (in 10 days time). Given the quality of subjects and the quantity of photos being taken along with the intermittent nature of internet access on our African travels it is proving too hard in trying to keep on top of them and in trying to do so  we may miss seeing some animals.

The updates for places we have been to over the past 2 weeks have also suffered so again once we reach NZ we will use the notes we have taken to continue with our updates albeit somewhat belatedly.

So from July 30th when we return to NZ and where real life awaits us (or is what we have been doing the past 3 months the real life???) we will continue to update and feed info onto the site.

Keep checking back to see what has been added……….


  1. The photos of the sand dunes (on Facebook) gave us an idea of their size and the dune boarding seem to be enjoyed by KK

  2. I have enjoyed every minute of reading of your trip so keep up the good work. I love being an armchair traveler. Take care

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