Brandberg……..Northwest Namibia

Sunday 17th July

Brandberg Mountain is located in Damaraland, in the northwestern Namib Desert, near the coast, and covers an area of approximately 650 km² with its highest point, the Königstein (German for ‘King’s Stone’), standing at 2,573 m which also happens to be the highest point in Namibia.  It is also home to  The White Lady rock painting, located on a rock face with other art work, under a small rock overhang, in the Tsisab Ravine which is accessed by a 45 minute walk from the car park.

This mountain has national significance designation which means entry into it is strictly controlled and all visitors must take a guide with them to visit the paintings. This is well worth it as the information they impart is offsets the cost (NAB$50 each…. and if your parking a car an extra $30 or if it’s a truck $50)

If you visit then try to make it as early as possible in the morning and take plenty of water. We started our walk at 09.30am and the temperature was soaring. There were also signs of the desert elephants having been present around the area with plenty of Ellie Poo and broken trees.

Admittedly we didn’t know too much about this famous site and I thought it was possibly along the lines of the Uffington White Horse in the UK but was very surprised to learn how small it actually is and even more surprised to see the number of intricate artworks that surround it. Many of these drawings have been dated back to between 2-3 thousand years ago.

Drawn with a mixture of Ochre, blood,eggshells and charcoal the details are staggering. Although we were not able to see them, we were told there are many more similar paintings like this that have been found in the area.

We had stayed the night before around 20 minutes from the carpark at a campsite run by the Brandberg White Lady Lodge. Arriving at this lodge after a day of bouncing along dirt (sand?) roads in hot conditions it was sunset and with the surrounding Brandberg mountain, the colours were spectacular. We are seeing some beautiful sunsets each day and as every location is different it makes it hard to choose a particular one but this one was near the top of the list.

The campsite was around 5 minutes drive from the lodge and well set up with each site having it’s own braai, water tap, and ablution block……well it was really a bush toilet and a bush shower heated by fire. No electricity so no lights either…….try showering with a head torch for something different.

The sunrise again was special and the mountains colour was a burning red. The photo opportunities are endless and although we try, sometimes a photo doesn’t always do justice to the raw beauty of the place.

This country is truly amazing with the diversity of scenery and places to visit. It is not disappointing and it is well exceeding our expectations.


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