African Update

Thursday 14th July

Location: Somewhere in Nambia (Near Groonfontein)

As we suspected earlier the IT infrastructure on this part of our trip has been sporadic to say the least. Tonight we are at a campsite approx 100km from Groonfontein and tomorrow we head to Etosha for 2 days.

This is turning out to be the highlight of our time away. The last week has been one of new experiences and sights but also with some fun and  intrepidness thrown in.

After we left Chobe in Botswana we had 4 border crossings in 5 days, spent 3 days and 2 nights on an island deep in the Okavango Delta (1.5 hours of jet boat and 1 hours of canoe) We had no electricity or any other comforts…..the bathroom being a hole dug each day in the ground. We have bounced along sandy single lane roads, travelled mile after mile of straight tarsal with no other vehicles in sight and have had to stop more than once to let zebras cross the road in front of us (yep the old zebra crossing joke).

We have been camping in awesome and quirky spots that have their fair share of nightly visitors including hippos, crocs and elephants. The nights are a bit chilly but the days hot.

The crew is keeping us well fed and safely driven around and the group has gelled probably as good as it will. Windhoek is the beer of choice and some of the people we have met have been not only friendly but very welcoming.

We are really enjoying this overland experience and although there are aspects that we can’t control as much as we could with our travelling before it is certainly giving us the ability to see more than if we were self driving which was our original plan. This sort of travelling is not for everyone however with daily tasks to be done and cooking duties to assist with.

There is lots to write about but it won’t be tonight……..We are all safe, having a great time and not really wanting it to end. Some of the wildlife we have seen has been stunning. We watched for an hour as a herd of Elephants crossed a river by swimming.

Last night we camped on the border of Namibia and Angola and had the kids had a game of football with some local village children who emphatically beat them. Their skills are outstanding and they turn on a dime. We have had 2 games of football so far and both times we have been beaten. We leave the ball we use with the kids after.

sorry for the brief update but we have a 5am start tomorrow and we have just finished dinner before as it is our drivers birthday today.

I mentioned that Dragoman had a truck tracker but I failed to mention that as our original truck is off the road for repairs the loaner we are using is not tracked as far as I believe.

Will update as we can. 2 weeks to go and really it seems like we have just started.

See you all soon

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