Belated update from Penang……

Hi all – having found a continuous wifi stream I have tried in vain to get up our update from the sightseeing over the weekend with the hop on – hop off bus. For some reason it just won’t publish and having tried to cut and paste it through another program which also didn’t work   I have been unable to find a way so……..

Rather than sit here and re-type the entire 2000+ words I’m going to summarise what we have been up to and keep trying on getting the full copy up. A bit frustrating but as mentioned earlier we just roll with it. It’s all part of the experience and it’s what you deal with when your doing some things on the cheap.

Although I am carrying my phone, I have turned off the mobile data lest I incur obscene roaming charges so am totally reliant on wifi access. Noelle has her phone and it has the ability to hold 2 sim cards so she has her NZ one and a Malaysian one. We are purchasing small amounts of data as we go for logistics planning and research but this has proven to be a proverbial minefield. There are so many providers and options available that we have been stung a few times in that you purchase 3GB then find out that you can only use it off peak (8pm-6am) or only at weekends…….all things they fail to mention at the point of purchase.

Ahh – life on the road. The next few days for us will see Noelle helping her mum tidy up and organise some things before we leave. We started packing the bags last night and although we have accumulated some extras over the past 4 weeks we have been ruthless and cleared a lot of it. The question that gets asked a lot is “do we honestly need to keep this?”

So to recap the weekend………

We took a rickshaw ride around Georgetown and  saw/photographed all the famous street art along with the new sculptures that have been put  up that recap the towns history.

We visited the Peranakan Mansion which was where a famous Straits Chinese businessman lived with his 2nd wife (he had 4) in the late 1800’s. The Peranankan people were Chinese who married Malays and fused their cultures with those of the colonial British in clothing, architecture and most importantly food.

After this we sampled Nyonya Kuih at a famous shop that produces it. These are dessert and sometimes savoury bites that originated from the Peranakans.

We visited the Botanical gardens and found the biggest snail ever….the size of BB’s fist. We survived and sheltered there from 2 torrential downpours and met a group of local mountain bikers.

We went to Kek Lok Si temple (Noelle & I had been there on a previous visit)

We have found a great local foodcourt that we have been having breakfast at. It’s down a side street but it’s cleaner, quieter and does a mean Char Seiw and Chicken Rice. It sure beats the crowds of the stalls lining the main street of the town.

So that’s a brief summary of our last few days…….. Noelle was working on sorting some photos last night so she may be able to get some up in the next few days.

Congrats to the AB’s on their weekend win……I read about it in the local paper. The focus here at the moment is on Euro 2016 with BB supporting Germany and I’m supporting that long shot but dark horse Iceland. I usually support Denmark as I was there when they won this tournament in the 90’s as a last minute addition to it.

Everything else seems to be going as planned. Keep warm and we’ll update as we can.


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