Tsingtao thoughts……..

Almost Wednesday 1st June……

Sitting here with a bottle of Tsingtao I was reflecting about an article I recently read in a magazine and how it relates to our family situation in that currently every day is one which is new and different unlike our recent life back in Queenstown

Inquisitiveness is something that as we get older or stay in one place for any length of time tends to drop off considerably. When put into new situations or surroundings I want to know the why behind everything and learn about how things work or operate. As the new becomes the ordinary and the exciting turns to the mundane we become more observers and simply look at things from a single dimension.

To look at something and view it as an opportunity to better interact with our surroundings is something we had lost to a degree along the way.  The travel we are undertaking is allowing us to ask those questions everyday of Why?

Upon our return to walk down our streets and see our world as it has always been but in a new light and asking questions that we may not have thought to ask will hopefully stop us from falling back into that routine we had and give us fresh perspective and impetus to continue living in a great place without taking it for granted.

We have told the kids to never stop asking or learning about themselves and their environments they live in and visit. They have stretched themselves and at times uncomfortably so but in the end we hope it has been for the better.

To quote the last paragraph of the aforementioned article ..

All of us build up a callous to our everyday life, we all forget the innocence and wide eyed wonder in our daily existence.

But that loss isn’t permanent. We can start now to stop observing and start interacting.”

We are learning to enjoy life again and enjoy what we do.

Other questions that remain to think about over a tsingtao are…….

  • What percentage of cranes in the world do they have in China?
  • Will it ever be finished?
  • Why I haven’t seen a Kit Kat ice cream or chocolate bar the whole time we have been here? (but the vienetta ice cream in a cone more than makes up for that)

Ok … the beer is finished and they are turning out the lights in the bar so I’m out.

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