13 days until F-day…..

That’s not Friday but fly-day. Saturday 23rd April There’s still plenty to be done prior to our departure…the house to tidy, bags to pack, utilities to sort and most importantly(in the kids eyes) the Lego to be tidied away safely.

We have finalized most of our major items with visas having been granted for China recently. 3 out of the 4 of us need a visa for Zimbabwe but we’ll get that upon arrival. We have all flights booked and some of the accommodation that we will need. Research of what things we want to see and do is still ongoing and we may yet rearrange some of our days from what we had initially planned in places.

Although the days are running down there is still a sense that despite there being plenty to do prior that it will fall into place and lets face it…….by the time we have to be at the airport well by then it’s too late.

More soon………..


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