Wye Valley Walk



Wye Creek


Off State Highway 6 just before the slow right hand turn that takes you over the bridge at Wye Creek there is a gate with a DOC sign directing you towards the Wye Creek track. The carpark is in a paddock with a healthy climb up a 4WD service track & although it is possible to drive up and find a park at the trailhead the track is steep, rough and not for the fainthearted.

Boys and Striker doggy speeding ahead
Climbing up to the Helipad - the view is amazing
Climbing up to the Helipad – the view is amazing










The track that takes you up into the lower Wye Valley and a starting point for some of the most challenging and dramatic climbing routes in the area is itself steep and technical in places. Although well trodden it retains it’s character with rocky, rooty, narrow off camber sections interspersed with some man-made help (simple wooden stairs) to make it a little more easy whilst following the pipeline.

Wye Creek pipeline








Taking an off piste route down to the waterfalls
Taking an off piste route down to the waterfalls
Balancing on Pipeline
Yay – we made it down to the waterfall








After a nice play down the waterfall, we had to problem solve to get back up on the track
After a nice play down at the waterfall, we had a steep climb to get back up on the track                                 
About 30 minutes of climbing will bring you to the dam which is hidden in the beech forest. From here you are directed from the left to continue climbing up to the lower Wye Creek basin which takes around another 2 hours of uphill across the varied terrain (see previous comment). As you exit the bush line the trail flattens and narrowly makes it’s way sidling against what is now a stream before widening out into a more open expanse. If you continue up the valley(approx 7km) you will reach a large waterfall and above it some tarns. From here there is a bit more serious uphill to take you up and over the ridge and down to Lake Alta which is behind the Remarkables ski area (look to add another 5-6 hours to your trip)


Nothing is more amazing than a WATERFALL
Not just another waterfall…..

If you veer right and cross the dam you will then follow a trail that sidles around a bushy covered knoll and brings you out onto the side of the hill. you traverse walking on the pipeline across the side of the hill which brings you to another small waterfall/dam and from here access to popular rock climbing routes. The view from the heli platform is in one word -STUNNING!

looking towards queenstown from Heli Platform
looking towards Queenstown from Heli Platform







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